I’m a native Oklahoman being born in Stillwater. My roots lay deep in Oklahoma. Past generations of my family lived in Indian Territory, long before Oklahoma became State. With many of them making one of Oklahoma’s land runs. I love the land and its people.

          How it came to be I do not know but something in my being finds Oklahoma nature and its myriad forms and textures absolutely enthralling. Oklahoma’s land, water, the astonishing variety of cloud shapes and the play of light on them all, in these I sense a peculiar and profound beauty.

          As a boy growing up in Oklahoma, I was in awe of the light as it laid up on the natural wonders of Oklahoma. Photography is about images that freeze a moment in space and time. It can capture the past, present and the future.

          The faces of the people who live and make up Oklahoma are part of the land! Their eyes are like window to the human soul; their wrinkles are a footprint of time. But most important their face tells a story, a story of Oklahoma.

          This is my art, this is my land and people I wish to share it with you. I want you to see and experience my Oklahoma and all of its wonders that it has to offer!


Randy Watkins